2013 equipment is here!

So the first few days of March are here, the frost delays are getting less frequent and early finishers might even be able to sneak in 9 holes after work. For me (a self-confessed golf geek), its high season for all things golf equipment related as the brands finally start drip feeding the golfing audience with new shiny toys for the season ahead.

In the deepest, darkest months of winter and during those post-Christmas blues, we are teased with glossy images in magazines and discussions on websites with sneak-peaks into the player’s bags. However, the new season is at last just around the corner and finally getting our grubby little hands onto these shiny objects is good news.

In 2013, as always, we are being spoiled rotten! Some of the design and ingenuity that the brands have shown is highly impressive and almost unbelievable at times. But despite the impressive technology and breakthrough designs, I have been won over by a more traditional approach; the aesthetics. Sure, I’m impressed by interchangeable hosel design, adjustable loft and custom made shafts, but as a golf coach, I strongly believe in feeling great and having confidence is key to playing your best. Having a club that when it sits behind the ball and you just think; “ah, that looks great,” has got to be crucial. So when considering a new club, whichever it may be from putter through to driver, I would always give this factor serious consideration.

Which club has caught my eye this year? Well, it’s from Callaway, and I have got say, every club in the X Hot range looks awesome. They have reverted back to the iconic grey design that adorned the infamous Big Bertha range and it’s been an inspired idea. Anyone who has an interest in golf has heard of the Big Bertha range and I bet a large proportion of these people have owned one at some time too. This club totally changed the equipment industry on its release and showed us how titanium drivers could be made. The X Hot has carried this on – they look sleek, simple and just downright great! They inspire a confidence which you’ve got to love whilst also looking understated and focused. And the best part…they are not just all eye candy, they bloomin well perform too! Beating my current driver (ahem, not a Callaway) all ends up!

My advice is to check them out. You’ll love reminiscing about the good old days when the Big Bertha was considered the piece of equipment to have. But be warned; whilst taking a stroll down memory lane, be prepared for the club to give you some results that even the most recent competitors would love to see!


Words by Blair Cross, St Andrews Links Golf Academy pro.

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