A Golfing Pit Stop

We’ve all been there; you’ve just played one of the worst nine holes in your golfing life and you’re desperately in need of a pick-me-up. Well, here at St Andrews Links we’ve got just the solution!

The Links food cart has been serving golfers playing the Old and New Courses for seven years now and is viewed by many as a vital energy booster to help them through the back nine. The food cart is situated on the ninth hole of The Old Course, adjacent to the tenth tee. Not only does it cater for golfers, it offers a range of refreshments to anyone who may be out for a stroll on the Links.

The Links food cart operates from Monday to Saturday as the Old Course is closed on Sundays. From first thing in the morning we are all set up and ready for the early birds and will stay until the last golfers of the day have reached us.

The food cart offers everything from fresh home-made sandwiches and the famous Old Course Steak Pie to quick snacks like energy bars and crisps. We also stock a wide assortment of beverages ranging from fizzy drinks to a nice, hot coffee (which is a god-send on a cold winter’s morning on the Old Course).

In addition to our selection of soft drinks, we recently attained a license for the food cart to sell alcohol. In an on-going effort to support local businesses, the vast majority of the alcoholic beverages that we sell are produced in Scotland. Recently we have begun stocking a delicious selection of beers and ales from the Eden Brewery which is only one mile from the Old Course. You have a luxury of choices and can even enjoy a wee dram if you’re in need of something a little stronger!

So next time you are out on the courses, pay the Links food cart a visit and refuel with some of our great refreshments!


Words by Fergus Murphy, St Andrews Links F&B Dept.

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