Charity cycle for Cancer Research

On 18 May several employees at St Andrews Links, including yours truly, participated in a 100 mile charity cycle in aid of Cancer Research.

Great cause

Scott McCrindle works as a Food and Beverage Assistant at the Links and was diagnosed with Leukaemia at the age of 18. Although Scott has now been given the all clear he is still extremely determined to help others who are battling the illness. This motivation has seen Scott organise charity events including an X Factor night and a sponsored walk, raising money in aid of those who suffer the condition.

While receiving treatment for Leukaemia, Scott attended the haematology unit in the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy. During his time there he recalls the staff and their treatment was second to none, but Scott made it his mission to help the hospital raise money for more resources for patients and visiting families who were spending long days on the ward.

Scott realised his ambition and through his hard work in organising countless charitable events, he has provided the hospital with brand new entertainment systems ranging from wide-screen televisions to portable DVD players and also tea and coffee facilities for any visiting loved ones.

The cycle

And now to the main event…It was a two day ride with our journey beginning in Dunfermline, continuing all the way to Callander in the heart of Scotland and then returning to Dunfermline. 16 of us took part in the cycle, including six staff members from the Links. By Sunday night all of us were physically and mentally broken! And I can say that because I was one of them!

It was a massive challenge for us all but we were proud to overcome it and had a great time along the way. The trip was not without its complications though, with problems ranging from flat tyres to broken pedals. We were victims of Scotland’s infamous weather as it rained during the entire trip but we didn’t let it dampen our spirits. On Saturday night we had planned to sleep in tents at Callander’s campsite but upon arrival we soon realised that the strong winds and heavy rain wouldn’t allow it. However, a solution was found and we were able to sleep in the village hall. Soaked to the bone and with the prospect of another 50 miles facing us the following day we had an eventful evening in the village hall.

The charity cycle was a fantastic event and everybody involved put in a monumental effort. A few days off work were certainly needed following the cycle but overall it was a great success!


Words by Fergus Murphy, St Andrews Links F&B Dept

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