With 190 caddies we are able to offer 190 unique experiences at the Home of Golf.

Caddie Manager Q&A

Last week we invited your questions on Twitter to put to our Caddie Manager, Robert Thorpe.

On our annual trip to the St Andrews we’ve decided he needs to clone “Stevie” the best caddie at the Old Course, ask how?
We’re not sure about cloning but we’re glad to say Stevie Jones is still caddying for us if you’re ever back in St Andrews!

I’ve had great experiences with trainee caddies. Do they ever ask players for feedback. What is the evaluation process?
We provide a feedback card which is given to all golfers using caddie services. We welcome any further feedback.

How can you guarantee yourself a top experienced caddie whilst playing St Andrews?
All of our licensed caddies are experienced. Make sure you get your requests in and we endeavour to cover all of our advanced requests where possible.

How can one find out which caddie is the best to have at the Old Course if you are a 15 handicap?
Our caddies are experienced and can adapt to golfers of all abilities and handicaps.

Does my Golf Tour Operator request a caddie on my behalf or do I do this myself?
Tour Operators may request on your behalf and may know who to ask for based on feedback from previous tours.

Are your caddies graded based upon experience and expertise?
Yes, we license trainee caddies and caddies. With 190 caddies we are able to offer 190 unique experiences at the Home of Golf.

What makes a good caddie in your Caddie Manager’s opinion?
A caddie who can provide a memorable experience for anyone who asks for their services.

Do your self-employed caddies determine their own rate of pay?
St Andrews Links set the basic caddie rate at £45 per round. Their gratuities are determined by their performance and are paid at the discretion of the golfer.


Words by Robert Thorpe, Caddie Manager

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