EP Pro SS14 Collection

We were lucky enough to spend some time with Kris Wortman who is the Vice President of Design and Merchandising at EP Pro and EP Sport. She kindly agreed to answer some questions on the EP Pro brand and their SS14 collection.


The above image shows (from Left to Right) – Steve Alexander (Sales Representative for the UK and Ireland) ; Allison Dalton (Sales Manager at EP Pro); myself – Biba McCormack-Young (Merchandise Assistant at St Andrews Links Golf Shops) Kris Wortman (VP of Design and Merchandising at EP Pro) and Kevin Liddle (Retail Manager at St Andrews Links Golf Shops)

1. How long have you worked for EP Pro?

I have had a long history with the EP Pro Brand. I was with the company 17 years ago as the Sales Manager. My stay with the company at that time was short – only 1 year – as I pursued opportunities to be more directly involved with product development (product was always my passion!) When the VP of Design and Merchandising Position was available – I jumped at the opportunity to re-join the company. That was 6 and a half years ago.

2. What inspired you and the design team in this year’s SS14 collections?

There are always so many influences on our process – films, original artwork, vintage fabrics, or an exquisite hydrangea….our creative process is inspired always. For instance:

  • Our Meridian Group was conceived after reading and hearing so much about the remake of the Great Gatsby – so you will see throughout the collection Jazz age and Art Deco influences. A touch of Gold for luxury is the finishing touch

This image below shows the Meridian pieces available to buy now at the Old Course shop


  • Literally a Vibrant hydrangea bush was the inspiration for our Amalfi Coast group. The luscious Periwinkle bloom surrounded by rich leafy Greens inspired this colour story. Then our goal was to find the perfect fresh print and plaid that really made the colour story pop!

This image below shows a selection of the Amalfi Coast pieces available at the Old Course Shop


  • A trip to the Monet exhibition and an original modern mosaic print inspired the Monet collection. The colour play is a perfect reflection of light and bright – paired with the patterns in this collection, Monet is universally appealing

This image below shows the Monet pieces that are available to buy now at the Old Course Shop


  • Empire State is a given, after all, our design studio is based here in New York! We saw the Graphic Dot print that mimicked the Empire State Building in strong vibrant colours, and we just knew that this would drive our Empire State collection

The below image shows the Empire State pieces available from EP Sport at the Old Course Shop now – notice the Empire State outline pattern on the funky skort


  • GraySun – subtle yet playful and strong! We loved the Grey Goose and Lemon Drop colour combination and the Vintage Harlequin Engineered pattern was so modern in its vibrancy

The below image shows the GraySun pieces that are available to buy in store now – the Grey, Yellow and Silver combinations work so well together


3. What is your favourite colour story in this year’s collections?

Our Amalfi Coast Group is likely my favourite collection (although it is hard to pick just one – I love them all!). The cool colour combination of Juniper and Aloe is refreshing and energetic. The clean, preppy attitude of this collection is so EP Pro!

The engineered print is new for us – and the Tonal Plaid is just beautiful. The pieces within the group are so easy to merchandise and are very interchangeable – making outfit options a breeze.

4. Is there a celebrity/golfer that epitomises the brand? Or is there someone you think would be perfect for the collections?

Hard to say, as so many of the women golfers today are identified with the ‘mega brands’. But we would love to say someone like Cindy Rarick, a member of the LPGA who easily exemplifies our modern classicism. Cindy already wears EP Pro! For EP Sport, Lynn Beasley seamlessly combines golf and fitness!

Here are some more images of the EP Pro and EP Sport collections on sale now at the Old Course Shop in St Andrews.






Words by Biba McCormack-Young, St Andrews Links Golf Shops


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