Customisation team help rugby legend

I joined the St Andrews Links Customisation team on 1 January 2014 and can honestly say my first year in St Andrews has been a special one, but the past few days are definitely right up there in terms of memorable moments.

With the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship taking place this week I visited the practice range at the Old Course, where some of the world’s greatest golfers have been fine tuning their games this week. However, it was my compatriot and recently retired rugby legend Brian O’Driscoll I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting on the putting green.

Coming from Ireland and being a massive rugby fan I couldn’t believe my luck when I walked over and saw Brian, who is one of my absolute sporting icons. He is an absolute legend in the world of rugby and is pretty much worshipped in Ireland!

After a short period of time noticing that he wasn’t particularly comfortable with his stroke, I approached him, introduced myself and asked if he needed any help. Brian explained that he had been struggling with his putting for some time, and was at a loss in knowing why?


At this stage I had him hits some putts from different ranges so I could fully understand what was happening with his technique. After observing him for a while it became apparent that his shoulder alignment wasn’t square and his right hand was very active in the stroke, therefore getting the ball started on line was extremely difficult. Once we made the changes to his stroke we saw an immediate improvement and my work was done. I’m not sure who was happier, Brian for putting better, or me for coaching an Irish legend.

I wish Brian all the best for this week and of course hope he holes lots of putts!


Words by Fintan Bonner, St Andrews Links Customisation Team

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