Christmas birds

A new species of bird showed up on the Links this week. A pair of waxwings have been spotted around Pilmour Lodge which takes the count to 93 different types recorded. These stunning birds fly here when the weather turns nasty in Northern Scandinavia and Russia or when their food source runs out. If you’re lucky enough to see one then listen out for the low trilling noise they make – beautiful!


Still on the subject of birds, Abi Warner sent us a fantastic photo she took of a short-eared owl on the Links (header image). This bird is seen almost every day on the New or Jubilee Courses.
Keep an eye out for the recent sightings of pintails on the Eden Estuary. There are 30 in the salt marsh adjacent to the 4th hole of the Eden Course.

Another interesting first for the Links is this earthstar fungus which was found on the New Course – there has now been 36 different types noted this last year and with this mild spell we are having I’m sure there will be plenty more just waiting to be found.


The work on the Golf Museum’s waste area is now complete! Our part was to supply grasses, gorse and heather which, overtime, will develop into a natural garden for wildlife.

golf museum

Words by James Hutchinson, Environmental Officer

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