Recruitment Day 2016

We are looking for talented individuals to help us deliver memorable experiences for every visitor at the world’s most famous Links.

Every year the Links welcomes more than a hundred talented, motivated and dynamic individuals in a wide range of roles to help us deliver memorable experiences to the thousands of visitors to the Home of Golf each year.

Ross Campbell, Clubhouse Operations, attended our recruitment day in 2014 and believes it was a valuable tool in helping him understand and decide which area best suited his skills. “You can look at job descriptions before you go, but actually getting the chance to speak to someone who is doing the job makes you understand a lot more about what you are going to be doing. I found the recruitment day a great help!”


For Greenkeeper Andrew Mooney, who now works as part of the New Course greenkeeping team, it was a dream to join the Links following completion of his college course. “I was required to do a 6-week practical placement at a golf course and so I emailed St Andrews Links, home to some of the most famous courses in Scotland, in fact the World. They then took me on for 6 months and I’ve been here ever since.”


Since joining the Home of Golf Andrew has fulfilled every greenkeepers’ dream of working at the 2015 host venue for The Open Championship. “Getting to work on the Old course for The Open was unbelievable! An experience I will never forget.”

Emma Paris, who joined the Links as a Seasonal Receptionist last year, has since been successful in gaining a full-time position and agrees that working somewhere so special makes you appreciate your role a lot more. “You feel privileged to be part of a place that means so much to so many people! Not everybody is fortunate enough to have that as part of their job on a daily basis.”

Emma Paris

The 2016 recruitment day will take place on 2 February at the Links Clubhouse from 2pm to 6pm.

Visit our website to find out more about the wide range of roles available on the course or in our clubhouses, restaurants and shops.

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