Here at the customisation department we’re always looking at ways to help golfers of all abilities achieve more consistency. Whilst we fit players for every club in the bag, from driver to putter, we also offer the service of making your current clubs better. Many golfers don’t realise that a simple shaft change in an already suitable head may be the solution to many of their problems.

With the workshop now being Accra shaft stockists, we can now offer our customers the chance to have a shelf-bought driver custom fitted to their needs. Below you can see we have the ‘Club-Connex’ universal adaptors meaning we can fit any adjustable driver to our current stock of Accra shafts.

Using these shafts, along with our TrackMan system, we’re able to fine tune your driver using different shaft types to see what suits your game best. This works out to be more cost effective than buying a new driver off the shelf that may not be suitable to your needs.  The Accra shafts come in different price ranges aimed at all golfers looking for a high quality shaft that fits their budget.

The other important area is your irons. As with the driver we see many customers with the latest line of product, but it requires some fine tuning to get the most out of their purchase. These areas can be anything from loft and lie, swing-weighting or perhaps changing out the shafts. Below we can see the difference of a customer who came in with a set of stiff shafts and had them replaced with an even stiffer flex as this worked out to be more suitable for their game.

Image 1

Image 2

The white circle in image 1 shows the balls hit with their Dynamic Gold Superlite S300 shafts, which after some testing we found that the same shaft in the extra stiff version offered more consistent results as highlighted by the yellow circle. Not only did they tighten up their dispersion, but it also made their flight more consistent and provided more distance as can be seen in image 2.

With the recommended shaft change along with swing-weighting and tightening up their loft and lie angles in place, we’re confident this player will enjoy a successful year on the golf course.

To find out more about retro fitting or other services we offer at the customisation department visit the customisation page on our website.

Words by the Custom Fit team

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