Food cart: At the turn with Mike

Mike Donnelly has worked at the Old Course food cart for a little over seven years now. The day starts early as he loads it up with all the goodies and golfers’ treats. These include the famous Old Course steak pies, all sorts of soft drinks and sandwiches and of course refreshments of the stronger variety.

“Despite common belief, it’s not rainy and windy every day. Even during our summer months, you still need to keep the hot drinks on the go for people who come from, shall we say, warmer climes. Along with our hot beverages, our Old Course steak pies are very popular and sell out fast so plenty need to be in stock.”

The nature of golf and the Old Course being a popular playing destination means Mike meets people from many different backgrounds and positions of seniority.

“From former presidents and their wives, movie and music stars to your ‘everyday golfer’, I meet and greet them all the same. Everyone is welcome to the facilities the food cart has to offer including people out for a stroll around the course.”

The day doesn’t go by without a witty anecdote either…

“Not too long ago, a golfer said to his caddie it was very windy and asked why the course wasn’t built by the hills. His caddie was quick off the mark and replied; Sir, the course was here before the hills existed. The golfer seemed to buy the answer as smiles broke out on everyone’s faces.”

If you are ever playing the Old Course or happen to be near by the turn, stop and say hello – Mike always enjoys the company!

A conversation with Mike Donnelly, Food Cart Assistant


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