TrackMan Range: Taking practice to a new level

How many practice sessions at your local driving range have you spent telling yourself “well that was a waste of time!”? I know I have, numerous times. I’m a culprit of buying a basket of 100 golf balls and just smashing them aimlessly. Have I actually learned anything during these ‘practice sessions’? Probably not.

Unfortunately, I am one of those golfers who just wants to play great golf all of the time and avoid the sometimes tedious driving range practice. However, I have come to the realisation that if I want to improve my scoring, I really should start by working on my game.

Thankfully, the St Andrews Links Golf Academy has a solution for us all to help with this… TrackMan Range.

What is TrackMan Range?

The simplest explanation I have for you is it’s a system that tracks your golf ball via radars positioned on the range and GPS tracking. It displays the data gathered on your shots on one of the iPads provided in our bays or on your smartphone if you’ve downloaded the TrackMan Range app. It records ball speed, launch angle, launch direction, height, carry, total distance, side and from distance to pin.

If you want to calculate your average carry yardages, it can do that for you. If you want to save your data to show your golf coach or to keep as a comparison for next time, it can do that for you too. If you want to see how accurate you are with certain clubs, guess what? It can also do that.

Not only can TrackMan Range help you develop your own game, it provides opportunities to get the whole family involved. TrackMan Range has three beginner-friendly games that encourage even ‘non golfers’ to get involved.

  1. Bullseye: Focuses on your target accuracy – how close to the flag can you land your golf ball? The closer you land, the more points you get!
  1. Hit It: A game for those golfers who just want to hit the ball as far as they can. Can you beat your personal best?
  1. Capture the Flag: Think you’re the most accurate out of your friends? Go head to head and see who can land closest to the flag. Whoever does, claims that flag.

With TrackMan Range available at no extra cost, the Golf Academy offers the opportunity to have more productive and engaging practice sessions.

If you would like to know more, you can email me on or, if you can, pop down for a visit. You can even challenge me to a game of Capture the Flag!

Words by Rachel Lewis, Academy Operations

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