A check-in with nature

Our courses are home to all sorts of birds, bees, flora and fauna – they’re paradises of nature we take pride in maintaining. On the Eden and Strathtyrum Courses, the greenkeeping team have been keeping a close eye on wildlife activity and the habitats they rely on. Here’s a round up of what’s been happening:

Moorhens and their chicks

The Eden pond on 14 is the perfect habitat for ducks and moorhens. Every year from about June until the end of August, ducklings and moorhen chicks can be seen being nursed by their parents.

Operation Pollinator (O.P.) areas

A nationwide initiative aimed at developing native wildflower areas on golf courses, our O.P. areas have started to fill up with vibrant colours. Bees and butterflies take advantage of these habitats as they offer a prosperous and protective space.

Rare flower found blossoming there; maiden pink

Poppies and rosebay willowherb

An unusually large amount of poppies can be seen in the 13th hole’s rough. This area used to be occupied by gorse until last winter.


In some areas, rosebay willowherb (above) is left to attract insects. It adopted the nickname ‘bomb weed’ during the war as it was often the first plant to establish on a bomb site given its ability to colonise in areas with disturbed ground.


Going forward the ambition is to remove gorse from the heather areas. However, being a stubborn weed that’s proving a little tricky!


Located next to the 10th of the Strathtyrum Course, the reedbed is coming to life. The water level was raised to give the bees (a beehive is located right next to it) a reliable water source.

With these aspects of nature and the golf courses themselves to manage, there’s always plenty to do!

Words by Natasha Repinskaja, Greenkeeper – Eden, Strathtyrum and Balgove Team

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