New road on the Old Course pt.2

It has been a little while since pt. 1 of my blog (which you can read here) on the new road between the Old and New Courses. Much of the work on its construction was completed over the past winter and spring seasons.

During the build, the greenkeeping team also assisted in installing power and IT cables for use in facilities in and around the loop of the Old Course. Not ‘normal’ winter greenkeeping duties but interesting to be part of a major project aimed at enhancing the Home of Golf’s facilities. Below are some pictures highlighting what we’ve been working on.

Ducting installed for a new power cable

Back-filling power cable ducts

Preparing the trench for IT ducting which connects the Halfway House to the St Andrews Links network

IT ducting installed

With all the power and IT works installed, we then moved on to re-instating and tidying up the road layout which involved many loads of turf!

Bordering the new road with turf

New spectator mound to the right-hand side of the 6th tee on the Old Course

Watering turf during the dry spring weather

New road layout running alongside the 5th tee on the Old Course

New completed spectator mound beside the 6th tee of the Old Course

View from the spectator mound looking back towards St Andrews

Completed turfing work and road alongside the 6th hole of the Old Course

Project facts

  • 1000m of tar laid
  • 4500m2 of turf laid

With the new road no longer being gravel based, it offers a number of benefits including less dust being blown across the golf course, less maintenance and a separation of spectators and buggies during tournament times.

A literal long and winding road of a journey completing this project but definitely worth all the effort!

Words by Gordon McKie, Course Manager ‑ Old Course

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