Ladies of the Links: Celebrating International Women’s Day Pt.2

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’ve had some socially distanced conversations with four leading ladies of the Links. We wanted answers on some tough questions, for example… cats or dogs? But more seriously, in light of the theme, we also wanted their thoughts on what International Women’s Day means to them. If you missed what Dorothy and Mairi had to say, catch up here in Part 1. This time it’s the turn of Rachel and Natasha. Whilst we could sing their praises until the cows come home, we’ll let them do the talking…

Name: Claudia Schiffer… only joking! I wish – Natasha Repinskaja

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Title: Greenkeeper

Years at the Links: 14

Links memories: The Links is a historical place where people come to be part of history and tick off their bucket list. That is what I love about my job; the fact that I am part of a big team that helps make dreams come true.

My favourite moment working for the Links is The 2015 Open when I was hand cutting the 2nd and 16th double green at night time during a practice round. Halfway through, Tiger Woods decided to have a little chipping practice on the 16th green. My first reaction was to stop and wait until he finished but he told me to keep going. I ended up going up and down the green (hand cutting) whilst Tiger Woods was hitting balls over my head! Moreover, on one side of the green I had a big group of spectators and on the other side I had my greenkeeping colleagues who came to watch Tiger. I had to make sure I made no mistakes, keep the lines straight and dodge the balls… never sweated so much in my life!

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What does International Women’s Day mean to you? It’s a day when we celebrate women, equality and achievements of a sex that used to have limited rights and perhaps deemed lesser. The perception and role of females is changing and here at the Home of Golf, we promote the idea that golf is for everyone. I happen to be the only full-time female member of the greenkeeping team but I can safely say that greenkeeping is not just for men and would encourage more women to take up this rewarding profession. I think it’s important too that we praise those men that support us on our journey to equality and recognition.

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Cats or dogs? I have no pets but would choose dogs.

TV shows or movies? Reality TV shows all the way!

Name: Rachel Lewis

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Title: SALJGA Co-ordinator  (St Andrews Links Junior Golf Association) & Academy Operations

Years at the Links: Almost 3!

Links memories: Favourite thing about working at the Links is working with people who have the same passion of growing the game! Working with children is so rewarding and seeing them all looking up to you when teaching them is such an incredible feeling. Definitely my favourite thing about working here.

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What does International Women’s Day mean to you? It means recognising that women can hold positions perceived as being bias to men. We’ve come a long way since my grandparents’ time. My grandma always told my sister and I stories of how hard women worked to create opportunities for females of my generation to be where we are today (voting, work environments etc…). I feel extremely grateful to be able to say that not only am I the first female instructor at the Academy but I am respected and treated equally to the men I work with.

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Cats or dogs? Cats always!

TV shows or movies? TV-Shows.

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