WBO preparations underway

Next week the Old Course plays host to the 37th Ricoh Women’s British Open. Preparations are well underway and with only a week to go, it’s all hands on deck to get the course up to scratch!

Tented Village

Work on tented spectator village area at the Bruce Embankment is progressing well, as is hospitality complex behind the 17th green of the Old Course.



Course Preparation

This week we have started to carry out more presentation work on the course leading up to the event. We are cutting all areas of the course daily, including pedestrian cutting of greens, which will help bring the course up to tournament standard.


Another job we are preparing for is assisting the competition’s Chief Marshall in cutting out spectator crossings in the courses. These are placed at various points across the course in order to move spectator traffic around as quickly and safely as possible during the tournament.


After a sustained period of dry and sunny weather in St Andrews we have had to regularly hand water many areas of the course to maintain quality in the surface as well as not letting them dry out. Staff have been using hoses to apply water to specific areas that require watering as to not over-water areas that don’t require it.


This week however, the weather has taken a turn for the worse and we’ve had plenty of rainfall. As a result there’s no need for any more handwatering unless another dry spell returns!

Here’s hoping for an improvement in the weather and a great week of golf from the world’s top women golfers.

The Ricoh Women’s British Open takes place on the Old Course 1-4 August, 2013.


Words by Gordon McKie, Course Manager – Old Course

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