April’s Greenkeeping operations

Catch up on some of the greenkeeping operations that took place across the Links in April with our photostory:

BkxRHi3IYAA36eGOrganic matter sampling taken from the Old Course before being tested at European Turfgrass Laboratories (ETL).

Bky26OOIcAAQ-L1Some of the St Andrews Links Greenkeepers visiting the ETL in Stirling to learn the processes involved in soil testing.

Bky26OOIcAAQ-L1Spraying seaweed, 12.0.0 and revolution onto the Jubilee on a foggy morning in St Andrews.

Bl_R29cIAAARHlSApplying ammonium nitrate, seaweed and wetting agent on the New Course the following morning.

BlFLRT9IIAAm9MTAn early Sunday morning topdress on the Old Course.

BlU6D52CQAAAIJyPerformance testing with STRI, 11th green, Old Course.

Bl4p6_hIIAAuL_BOverseeding on the putting green at the Old Course.

BmURMGkCUAIdsa7Creating channels for root growth with the Hydroject on selected greens of the Jubilee Course.


Words and photos by the St Andrews Links Greenkeepers

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