New Course putting green and 1st tee work pt.2

If you haven’t already, click here to catch up on the beginning of this project in pt. 1.

The above graphic outlines what’s to be achieved from this project. The black dotted line in the top half of the new green outlines the original size. Given the larger sized green, a new medal tee was needed.

This was the last stage we were at in the project. All 1000mof turf was lifted and the irrigation pipework removed.

First stage of the shaping works for the Golflink Evolve team (construction specialists) was the removal of the original putting green and medal tee, shown above. This created space for the extension of the new green.

Once the materials to make the rootzone were mixed together, they were then put through our screening machine to achieve the desired particle size.

After the foundation levels of the green, tee and surrounding areas were created, the rootzone was driven in and shaped to the final level. The irrigation system and heads were installed prior to this.

Once the shaping was complete, the next stage was levelling the putting green surface. This involved driving in a figure of eight, alternating the direction with a steel mat followed by an astroturf mat to ensure levels were as firm and smooth as possible.

Final levels were then shaped on the new medal tee prior to turfing.

The turfing process began with the turf from the original tee being re laid.

This area was a putting green next to the 1st tee of the Jubilee Course. It has been removed to lengthen the practice range area used during The Open and Dunhill Links Championships. We decided to use all of this turf for the new putting green.

Team work is always key in the turfing process. As you can see in the above picture, a production line was in place to achieve consistency. Boards were used at all times to reduce foot traffic on the laid turf. The cutting, lifting and transporting of the turf is one of the most important tasks on this type of project. Great care has to be taken to ensure all turf segments are maintained at the same depth and width they were when first lifted to when it is re laid.

The completed 1st medal tee moved 6 yards to the left. The hole remains at the original distance.

The new putting green (over 550m2). It is currently fenced off to ensure the newly laid turf receives no foot traffic and we plan for it be to open in spring 2020.


One of the most important phases of any type of new construction is the aftercare.

  • The turf’s root establishment will be the first objective. Nutrition has been applied to assist  this. Hopefully some mild air temperatures in the next month will also help.
  • Rolling the turf with a lightweight pedestrian mower will be the next stage which will help maintain level surfaces.
  • Once a strong root structure and plant growth have developed, topdressing will be applied by hand to keep the surface smooth and firm.
  • Further pedestrian mowing will then be carried out at a managed height of cut, adding definition to the outline of the green and tee, enhancing overall presentation.

All of these practices will continue into late winter/early spring, producing a strong, smooth, firm and healthy surface.

We hope you enjoy these enhancements to our facilities. For now, from all staff here at St Andrews Links, we wish you a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable golfing year in 2020!

Words by Gavin Neil, Deputy Course Manager, New and Jubilee Courses

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