Boundless work on The Castle Course fencing

Over the years, the boundary fence on the coastal side of The Castle Course has been damaged by various causes. Rabbits, for example, somehow manage to break through the fencing – where they get the wire cutters is unknown…


Other wild animals such as badgers and deer contribute to the damage, but there’s also a human element. In an effort to retrieve their golf balls, golfers unknowingly cause wear and tear to the fence when clambering over it. While we understand it’s annoying to lose that ‘fresh-out-the-packet’ ball, it can really take its toll.

A rotten strainer replaced with a new one and heavy duty Rylock wire applied        

Plant growth also plays its part and if left unmanaged can cause damage when weed, gorse and grass wrap over the wire of the fence causing rot. This type of growth needs cut back and trimmed frequently to prevent this.


In our recent batch of repairs, we’ve used stronger Rylock wire fencing to help make the fence more durable. We’ve replaced a number of straining posts that were damaged or have rotted with age. The fence is checked on a regular basis and repairs are continuous through out the year. As long as the boundary fence is in place, there’s never nothing to do up at The Castle!

Words by Trevor Harris, Deputy Course Manager – The Castle Course

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