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It’s common to see golfers feeling the nerves at the 1st. We've even seen golfers unable to place their own ball on the tee.

Old Course Starter Q&A

Last month we invited you to put your Twitter questions to our Old Course Starter.

How will the new facilities help manage the frantic pace of the Old Course and the traffic around the starter pavilion?
The Old Pavilion will help keep the starter’s box clear and provide shelter, eating and toilet facilities for golfers.

How nervous are amateurs generally at the 1st tee?
It’s common to see golfers feeling the nerves at the 1st. We’ve even seen golfers unable to place their own ball on the tee.

Visiting in late June. How likely is it to get off as a single by showing up early the day of?
You have a good chance. Last June our success rate in joining single golfers with 2 and 3 balls was 90%. Just show up early. It must be noted though that it is not compulsory for golfers to accept a single to join – it’s at their own discretion.

Is it possible to find caddies for the Old Course on a Friday evening?
Currently the last available tee time is 18:20. We endeavour to cover all of our advanced caddie requests where possible.

What are the odds of getting a tee time on Old Course by means of Ballot beginning of August?
Each day is different. Unless there are competitions on, you have a better chance of success balloting for Thursdays and Saturdays as there are more Ballot times available in the afternoons. Check our Busy Dates page for availability.

What’s the most common question you get asked by golfers at the starters box?
Trolleys on the Old Course - only permitted after 12pm April-Oct. Handicap certificates required for Old Course – maximum 24 men & 36 women.

Hoping to play in October as a single golfer, what time do I need to arrive in the a.m. to find out about possible tee time?
Tee times in Oct start approx 8am. It’s advisable to show up at the Old Pavilion around 2 hours before. The earlier you are the better your chances.


Words by Paul McGlynn, Players Assistants Manager


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